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Festive - 2022

sustainability is the core to everything we do!

We’re a pro-earth brand with a keen eye for creating apparel that is natural, sustainable, and hand-crafted with love.

We weave garments with personality and each piece tells a story of its own. Our artisans hand-weave each and every piece using natural or azo free dyes.

We are Kavana - a sustainable and responsible brand where you will find women’s apparel that’s designed and crafted by traditional artisans with purity and love.

Our Dyes are Chemical free!

With natural dyeing, we are reviving an art that offers a natural touch to your apparel with the soft and soothing feels which enhance with age.

Being dedicated to responsible sourcing and minimal footprint, our pieces are colored in natural dyes extracted from plants or flowers causing no harm to the environment and your health; since, the natural dyes constitute the anti-allergic properties proven safe for skin contact and are mostly non-hazardous to human health. Free of toxic chemicals and hazardous substances unlike the synthetic dyes that are often used in the manufacturing of clothing.

Natural and organic fabric

At Kavana, we have devoted ourselves to provide value with the best possible experience of apparels that feels good against your skin. We create garments primarily using all natural fabrics such as Linen, Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton and Kala Cotton with premium quality and comfort.

The process of crafting our products starts with selecting the consciously sourced fabric to keep our values intact right from the start. We made sure that the fabrics we use for our products are always eco-friendly and purposely chosen by taking care of the environment along the way.

Everything Handcrafted by Indian artisans.

Each piece is thoughtfully handcrafted by the independent artisans to support and uplift the artisanal communities while embracing the traditional handicrafts of India.

At Kavana, we hold the essence of handcrafted apparels as a movement to keep the heritage alive.

Each and every process that undergoes in creating the piece you hold, has been extensively handcrafted with immense care and pride. The yarns are made into fabric using handloom only. They are further hand dyed in natural dyes then further hand embroidered and printed in intricate arts and crafts, the whole process is done by hand.


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