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Our Story

When the fashion industry is moving at a fast pace, Kavana thrives on sustainable living which takes into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects. Kavana believes in a prosperous world with an integrated objective that evolves and emerges together. The purpose that serves a sustainable lifestyle with the goal of intentionally bringing a purpose to life.

At Kavana, we uphold the diverse artisanal culture of India and the prosperity of the environment. To embrace and keep this expressions of humanity alive, we consciously design each to last and carry forward the legacy of handcrafted apparel created with love and chastity.

In the realms of textile, we are her to weave the eloquent change between the livelihood of artisanal communities and the textile sector. We believe in preserving the indigenous art and crafts like Ajrakh printing, Jamdani, Kantha embroidery and more of such crafts that reflects the rich heritage of India. At Kavana, every step taken is towards the uprising of the weavers, craftsmen and natural dyers of Bhagalpur, Bhujodi, Kolkata, Bhopal and many more artisanal communities across the country who are weaving happiness with the threads warped to each other.

To make an effective change in our surroundings, we approach a path of ethical and responsible sourcing for our products that defines our values. In our sustainable and ethical approach, we cater and foresee all the facets of our apparels lifecycle the fabrics and the methods of creation used and the care of artisans. We combined the traditional skills with the environmental well being to leave a positive impact on the earth.


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