The core of everything we do at Kavana, is always sustainability. Whether it is assuring fair pay and a safe working environment for our artisans or using only handloom for our fabrics. Creating a sustainable brand and taking responsibility for every action in our supply chain, was the first-ever goal set by the founders of Kavana.

Sustainable fashion and sustainability are not newfound concepts. It has been in the soul of Indians since the beginning. The habit of reducing, reusing, and recycling was the ideal way of living. 

Sustainable fashion pervades all aspects of the industry and humanity. Industries alone are not the ones contributing to this phenomenon, in the end, it is our consumption. At the heart of Kavana is the love for Indian artisans and the willingness to revive our crafts with a contemporary charisma to remain a part of the slow fashion, contributing to the ethical and transparent chain of change.  
We believe every small step leaves a large footprint (literally) and hence we carry a torch for elimination over reduction. To ensure minimum wastage, we only produce garments based on the demand of the customer. Our designs are conscious and timeless which are less likely to end in landfills due to poor-quality or obsolete design.

We use organically produced fabrics such as Linen, Organic Cotton, Chanderi, etc and 100% of our fabrics are handwoven by the weavers and crafted to perfection by embroiderers and dyers all-over India in natural and azo-free dyes. 

We are Kavana, an ode to contemporary and mindful design with sustainability at its core! 


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